Ribcraft Leisure 950



When it’s time to bring the family along, the Leisure Series is happy to accommodate you with plenty of comfortable seating and generous internal space. The deck is designed to sit lower in the boat when compared to other Ribs; this offers a more secure feeling when under way.


One of the safest ways of transporting people, the Ribcraft Leisure range is built upon the tough Ribcraft signature deep V hull, preferred by military, police and safety applications around the world. Combining this with the inflatable tube for increased buoyancy, stability and overall performance, they are tested and proven to be exceptional at handling rough seas.


Each of our RIBs are created in collaboration with the client, to make sure every detail is suited to your style and comfort. From the colour of your tube, seating configurations, the amount of storage needed to even the placement of the compass, no detail is too small.
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Whether it’s family days out, water-skiing or long distance offshore cruising, every Ribcraft RIB has style, performance, safety and comfort built in. Designed to your exact requirements, you will be ready for every trip in any weather.

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