Welcome to Axopar x Agapi Boat Club!

Imagine access to the latest boat models in more than 10 countries
and over 30 of some of the most attractive boating destinations.
Imagine this global network expanding every year and welcoming
you to explore new waters in a completely new way.

Axopar x Agapi Boat Club offers an unprecedented boating experience and
ensures a premium level of service. As a member, you get access
to a fleet of premium boats in the sizes of 6-14 meters, and enjoy a
worry-free boating life as we take care of all the chores and musts
around owning a boat.

This is the future of boating! Now also in Jersey!


Memberships for premium unlimited boating


Since 2017 Agapi Boat Club has pioneered premium membership boating.


An Agapi Boat Club membership enables unlimited access to the boats of your dreams, in multiple extraordinary locations and offers a variety of services for a worry-free boating life.

Love the Sea.

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