Introducing RemigoOne
The world's first fully integrated electric outboard, with it's one size fits all motor, adjustable long and short shaft fitting system!

Designed to power large tenders and small boats.

RemigoOne is solidly built to ensure it is robust enough to experience life at sea, whilst being ecologically friendly.

In our opinion (and many others), it's the most attractive electric outboard on the market in it's category, with it's perfectly formed functionality.


Easy to Transport
RemigoOne is also lightweight and easy to transport wherever it's needed, weighing in at just 12kg. (14.5kg including the transom clamp but this is on the boat!)

Don't let the light weight fool you though, as REMIGO electric outboards pack quite a punch with their highly efficient brushless DC motor Digitally restricted to 1000W. RemigoOne has the equivalent power of a 3hp petrol outboard motor!


Unique mounting system - fits everything from extra short to extra long applications

Unique patented fully sealed and integrated unit for reliability

Fit and be underway inside a minute!

Equivalent thrust of traditional 3hp petrol outboard

Reliable range of up to 14NM at 3 Kts

Max speed of approx. 5 knots. (depending on hull type etc)

Fully waterproof (IP67 / IP69)

Lightweight and robust aluminium at just 12kg (14.5kg bracket and motor)

Class leading design, in our opinion the best looking motor on the market!

The RemigoOne electric outboard is simple to operate with its intuitive push button interface making it easy for anyone to use. Remigo is perfect for dinghies, daysailers and fishing boats, or just as an auxiliary motor for your daysailer, your RemigoOne electric outboard is tough too, fully built in aluminium making it incredibly resilient to any bumps and scratches it may receive whilst being stored or transported. The unit is obviously fully waterproof and more than happy to be used in both fresh and salt water.

But that’s not all as Remigo outboards are the only outboards that can be easily adjusted between both long and short shaft running - making it the only one size fits all outboard on the market.

Thus, making Remigo the perfect choice for anyone looking for a easy to use, reliable, plug and play electric outboard motor.

Remigo electric outboards have been developed by sailors for sailors a number of very useful features have specifically considered & developed for your practical ease of use.

The prop is protected by an aluminium skeg to help avoid damage from accidental groundings from beaches and riverbeds.

Remigo's bracket has 4 set trim positions, and also the ability to "tune" your electric outboard to the perfect running depth optimise your outboard to your boat - one size fits all!

Your RemigoOne outboard also has a unique "pump action" on the handle grip to enable changes between carry mode, standard outboard & motor only modes, you also have a magnetic kill switch on all RemigoOne electric outboards to ensure your safety and stop the motor the moment it is disconnected should you fall overboard.