Luxury and space come together in this unique model from Galeon.


Luxury and space come together in this unique model from Galeon. Enjoy an abundance of space on both decks and a plethora of windows that ensure a well-lit interior. The 560 FLY is all about maintaining the fragile balance between practicality and internal volume while pushing the boundaries of design and high-end detail finishing.


The large overhang area comes with uninterrupted space for leisure and activities and can be occupied by two free-standing sun loungers. This flexible approach to space distribution allows for respite during the day and entertaining guests in the evening.


The main deck comes fitted with the coveted Beach Mode that greatly increases the usable cockpit area and helps it to seamlessly blend with the saloon, port and starboard bars.
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The 560 FLY bridges the gap in Galeon’s portfolio between the award-winning 500 series and the highly innovative 640 and 650 models. The long-awaited premiere is expected to directly address the needs of customers who appreciated the technical prowess of the 500 FLY yet desire more space on board and the bespoke luxury of the 640/650 models while still maintaining a manageable size.


Overall length: 17.82m
Beam: 4.82m/6.82m
Fuel capacity: 2 x 1100l
Water tank capacity: 700l
Max engine power: 2 x 662/900 kW/HP
Passengers: 14



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