Deceptively spacious and filled with features


Deceptively spacious and filled with features, the 400 FLY combines entertainment and features that ensure you enjoy everything the sun has to offer. With multiple options for finishes, additional features and more.


Galeon’s compact 4th generation yacht, which offers Beach Mode, optimising the use of the deck space. This model brings manoeuvrability and stability on the water, with plenty of options for customisation and additional features.


There are two full-sized cabins below deck, with the owner’s cabin in the aft and two separate bathrooms for you and your guests. Cabins come with additional storage space and standing height too, ensuring comfort throughout your cruising.
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Galeon 400 FLY joined the fourth-generation yacht family, as one of the smallest models to offer the innovative Beach Mode. The yacht has been designed to offer the highest tier of manoeuvrability and stability while on the waves. The interior comes in a few possible modern variants, with additional options available upon request.


Overall length: 12.48m
Beam: 3.95m
Fuel capacity: 2 x 500l
Water tank capacity: 450l
Grey water tank: 160l
Black water tank: 130l
Maximum load: 2870kg
Max engine power: 2 x 324/440 kW/HP
Passengers: 12



Love the Sea.

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