Pardo GT75

PARDO GT75The new flagship of the Pardo Yachts fleet is positioned between the Walkaround and Endurance ranges, where the focus … Read More

Pardo GT52

PARDO GT52Cantiere del Pardo has recently launched the all-new Pardo GT52. This innovative yacht is positioned between the Walkaround and … Read More

Pardo E72

PARDO E72With Endurance 72, Pardo Yachts elevates the brand’s typical bow lines to a new dimension. Second model in the … Read More

Pardo E60

PARDO E60The revolutionary Pardo Endurance 60 redefines long distance navigation. With low fuel consumption, speed calibration, and quiet cruising, the … Read More

Pardo P50

PARDO P50The Shape and Power of Excellence. Pardo 50 is the second model of the Pardo Yachts range. This 16 … Read More

Pardo P43

PARDO 43Power that takes its true form. A new icon of the sea. The Pardo 43 is designed for the … Read More

Pardo P38

PARDO 38Pardo 38 is synonymous for power and elegance, comfort, functionality and personalisation. The walkaround range are both easy to … Read More


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