Axopar 37 spyder

The Ultimate Challenger
Open-air thrill and sportiness at its best


The Axopar 37 Spyder is a trendsetter, features a functional walkaround deck, with plenty of aft-deck space and a huge multi-functional storage solution combined with a sun-deck


An exciting dive-excursion boat, a wakeboarding or water-ski boat and your true playmate for blasting offshore by enjoying the user-friendly characteristics and safe, responsive nature.


You love the feeling of driving a very competent, open speedboat with fantastic grip and handling that provides an extremely compliant ride. You prefer to the wind in your hair having great all-round visibility, and the opportunity to be at one with your surroundings.
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Let The Adventure Begin

The versatile Axopar 37 with its distinctive and instantly recognisable looks is the perfect partner for all adventures at sea. It provides responsive, thrilling and sporty handling that will safely take you anywhere in supreme comfort and style. Featuring intuitive solutions, enhanced driving dynamics, flexible accommodation together with a whole new space experience.



Love the Sea.

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