Axopar 28 Open

Open up for year-round boating
Day-boating has never been this fun


Six, comfortable forward-facing seats in two rows; everyone onboard can see, feel and experience the same kind of exhilaration as if you were behind the steering wheel!


A family-fun tool for exploring beautiful coastlines and cruising undiscovered bays, or an exciting dive-excursion boat, a wakeboarding or water-ski boat, or simply for blasting offshore to your favorite fishing reef.


A perfect choice even for those who have never even considered buying an 8m motorboat up until now, the ‘user-friendly’ characteristics and safe & responsive nature of the Axopar 28 Open version make this an ideal first-time buy
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The Axopar 28 Open is a spacious walk-around performer with sleek lines combined with a twin-stepped hull that is agile, fuel efficient and soft riding

For those lucky enough to enjoy a dependable annual climate and reliable, year-round boating weather, this boat offers great all round visibility and the opportunity for occupants to be at one with their surroundings.



Love the Sea.

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