Axopar 28 Cabin – Boat of the Year Finalist 2020

The Axopar 28 Cabin is one of 5 boats and the only boat from Europe this year to have been voted as finalists for Boating’s Boat of the Year awards!

About the awards:
For decades, Boating editors have awarded Boat of the Year status to just one boat. It is the boat—often called a “category killer”—that stands out more than any other boat in its niche as determined by extensive on-water testing, comparative analysis, and no shortage of heated debate among our team of boating experts.

What Boating has to say about the Axopar 28 Cabin:
Just seeing the Axopar 28 Cabin at the boat launch opens your eyes to a new type of recreational boat. It looks long and lean, like a carving knife. Every detail on the boat—from the plumb stem to the narrow beam to the reverse raked windshield—is well-thought-out and implemented for an explicit reason. There is nothing on the Axopar that is there just because. The narrow twin-stepped hull and double-chine design allow this boat to take on heavy seas without pounding, and its design and lightweight construction help it achieve incredible economy for its size. Built modularly so you can readily choose different layouts, it’s not just a category-buster, it’s in a category unto itself.

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