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Launch of the 2020 Nord Star 31+ Patrol

The key features of the new Nord Star 31+ Patrol are spacious, well-equipped living spaces and excellent offshore properties. The walkaround deck with three doors ensures that walking on the deck is always safe and hassle-free. Both sleeping cabins are designed for a mature taste. The front cabin has a bed for two and is adjoined a large head. In the aft there is a spacious center cabin with a bed for two to three persons. The luxurious salon adds extra comfort for excursions, not to mention the well-equipped galley. New for this model is a solar panel that will come as standard equipment. The boat, as every Nord Star, has a hand-laminated and strong hull which gives it the strength to shear through breakers with confidence, making it an excellent boat for, for example, long trips or excursions in the archipelago. Nord Star 31+ Patrol replaces the Nord Star 30 Patrol model. The boat was at the Boot Düsseldorf show in January 2020.


Finnish quality and craftmanship

Quality from heritage. Select your own thoroughbred from an exacting range of models finished to a superior standard by experienced craftsmen in our modern halls. The choice is yours, but remember, whichever Nord Star you pick, it will always be handcrafted in Finland.

Boat building excellence since the 1920s

Linex- Boat Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that manufactures first-class boats for leisure and professional use. The sturdy structure married with elegant design is the result of careful planning, traditional craftsmanship and a modern perspective on production. Buying a Nordstar is an investment in reliability, safety and power at your fingertips –regardless of the weather or time of year.